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  • Free Shipping & Returns (USA) + 365 Day Guarantee

    Important Sizing Info, Shipping Updates, & Customer Reviews


    Sizing (Important!)

    If you've already placed an order, please review our updated SIZING GUIDE We've had half a dozen messages like this: "Mountain, I received my shoes yesterday. They're beautiful, comfortable, and everything you promised - but they are definitely too large!" After chatting a bit with everyone, I was able to better understand their concerns, and better explain how the Primal Professional should look/feel. I've compiled my responses and organized it into the updated sizing guide. To change your size, just reply to this email and let me know!

    Changes in Address?

    If you've moved since first placing your order, hit REPLY and let us know your new address before we ship!

    Shipping Update

    We had a partial shipment arrive in May, allowing some very early customers who ordered specific sizes and styles to get their shoes. The bulk of the production run, however, is due at our curb next week. It will take us a couple days to fulfill these, as Cherry and I will be personally organizing, inspecting, doing QA/QC, lacing up the shoes, packing the shoe trees/shoe bags/shoe horn, labeling, and finally sending them off! You can expect them on your feet before the end of June.

    Ordering vs Pre-Ordering

    We are a small company with big goals but limited capital. Your pre-orders help us immensely in achieving those goals, and we will always offer a discount to make it worth the wait.

    But now that we're getting shoes, they're no longer pre-orders but orders, at full retail price. The price goes up after Wednesday June 12th. Another reason to pre-order now: inventory is dwindling fast. Size 8 and 11 cap-toes are completely sold out and are back in pre-order status until the next production run. Only 40% of our first production inventory remains, and the rest will go as people get these on their feet and start talking about them from firsthand experience.  Visit to order at a discount before Wednesday June 12th.

    Other Highlights

    "I wore the shoes out for the first time and they are absolutely fantastic!  Played violin for a wedding, had to stand for about 90 min. and they were unbelievably comfy, both for the feet and for the back, (spinal alignment not messed up by heel rise).  Congrats on a great product!" - Philip, Violinist, of Jacksonville, FL

    "Just wanted to give you HUGE props!! I came back from my business trip today to find my new primal captoes. Like a kid at Xmas I tore into the box to find great craftsmanship. Love the entire package with the shoe tree, shoe horn and shoe bags. My feet were barking from my Ecco's so I immediately put on the new shoes. Not only did my feet stop hurting but they looked damn good too. I spent the remainder of the day in the kitchen without the slightest slip. Thanks again for making such an awesome shoe. Hands down my favorite most comfortable work dress shoe." - Eric, Chef, of Chicago, IL

    The other day, we got this photo from a customer. If this happens to your shoes, don't let it slide! Let us know immediately! We'll get a replacement pair out the door and email a prepaid return label for the defective pair right away. This is absolutely unacceptable damage and I won't allow you to suffer from it. 

    And finally, our first published review from a customer:

    Best Regards,

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