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    Expected Dates and Production Timelines

    UPDATE 2/20: Spreadsheet void for now. Shoes starting to ship as we receive them. For more details, see 
    Want to see what we've completed, what remains, and their ETA?  This spreadsheet provides a continuously updated timeline.
    I originally made this spreadsheet for myself to track and plan our production. I realized it was also a great way to keep you guys informed. As of this posting, our upper supplier is cutting and sewing uppers for our test run of the V3 Oxfords in Black.
    Last week, I approved our 6-inch lace-up boots in Chromexcel Natural and sent it back to my shoemaker. They have the sample in costing, which is the first step in getting them ready for production. I also sent back our Oxford in Oxblood, which unfortunately was not approved. The leather on the more recent sample #2566 was not as good as an older sample #2516. I've sent back one of each to highlight the difference, and told them to replicate the older sample #2516.
    Once I get more information on these 2 new products, I will be adding them to the Production Timelines spreadsheet as well. 
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