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    Production Updates, More Reviews, Facebook Highlights, Say Hi at Paleo Potluck

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    Production Updates

    While working with the larger sizes, our outsole maker realized that we could get a tighter bond between the outsole and the leather by adjusting the angle of the sidewalls a few degrees. This modification puts us back a week or two, but it is offset by another piece of good news...I was informed by our shoemaker Weinbrenner that our assembly time has shortened, looking at 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks, due to efficiencies discovered in the workflow. For this run, it is a wash and we're still looking at an April ship date. For future runs though, we can be even leaner and agile, with our factory lead time now 8 weeks instead of 12 weeks. Compare that to 24 weeks if made overseas. It is a thrill to have a supply chain full of vendors who are dedicated to continuous improvement and workmanship. 

    Roundup of Reviews

    • "In my opinion, there is almost no comparison – my suits are dying for them!" -Minimalist Running Shoes
    • "It was like I was wearing slippers, but nobody knew it." -Toe Salad
    • "I have to say that with what we’ve seen thus far, I feel that this barefoot dress going to be a tier above the rest." -Technically Running
    • "The leather is incredibly uniform and supple, the stitching is perfect, and it just looks sexy." -In Search of Badass
    • "Through it all, as is the sign of any good shoe, I never noticed they were there. Perhaps more importantly, nobody else did either." -Birthday Shoes

    Highlights from Facebook

    Have you Liked our page? If not, you're missing out:
    • It's confirmed: the Primal Professional can be resoled (photo)
    • Our most controversial post, ever (status update)
    • The elusive smooth-toe model is captured in a (photo)

    Paleo Parties in San Diego?

    If any of you are in town, there is an awesome potluck coming up hosted by Paleo Treats. It will be on Monday, March 18 6:30p-8:30p at 1815 B Main St, San Diego, California 92113. Bring something yummy to share, or just stop by and say hi! I'll be bringing homemade sauerkraut and a pair of PriPro for anyone who wants a sneak peek. 

    That's all for now! By the looks of things, we'll probably have one more update before you get shoes. That said, if you have not pre-ordered, they can still be had at $20-40 off on

    Can't wait until April...

    Barefoot Mountain, CPA

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