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    Rebrand: the Primal Professional is now Chronology

    the Primal Professional is now Chronology.


    Why did we change names?

    The Primal Professional is too long. At 7 syllables and 21 letters long, it was a mouthful to say, and took a good second to write.


    Why Chronology?

    The discussion for a new name happened between Cherry and me during a long drive.

    As we bounced around ideas for a new name, the concept of Time kept coming up:

    Timeless style.

    Timeless comfort.

    It’s not about how much money you have, but how much time you have.

    And it’s not just about how much time you have, but how you spend it.

    Paleo is about looking back in time, to see if there are paths to health that we can try in our modern times.

    So we arrived at the word, Chronology. It means timeline. I’ve been a lifelong history nerd, and thus another reason why I love Chronology.


    What does the LG in mean?

    For the sake of securing websites and usernames, we needed some way to modify the common word Chronology.

    LG is easy to remember, because it sounds just like the end of Chrono / logy repeating itself. Try saying it outloud: Chronology-LG.

    For now, LG stands for Leather Goods.


    Our new logo

    With the new brand name comes a new logo, too.

    It started as a silly sketch I made, trying to combine our names Mountain and Cherry into one symbol. Do you see it? Haha.

    Then I realized it could be our new logo.

    Our shoes are the highest intersection of style and comfort.
    In the logo, there are 2 lines intersecting way up high.

    It also reminded me of the arches of our feet.


    We hired a graphic designer to put a professional finish to it. He applied the Golden Ratio and added aesthetic variation to the thickness. He also commented that it’s a strong logo, because it can be drawn with just one continuous line.


    You'll still see the old logo for a bit

    I'm still in the midst of updating this website with the new name, logo, font, etc.

    We have some shoe trees and shoe bags with the old logo too, so you might get one of these until they're gone.

    The outsole mold would cost quite a bit to update with the new logo. It would be a poor use of funds at this moment. So you'll still see the Primal Professional on the bottom of our shoes, for another year at least. I do have plans to update our last. With that update, our outsole mold will probably change too. But in the meantime, I think it's a nice way to remember where we started =)


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