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  • Free Shipping & Returns (USA) + 365 Day Guarantee

    Starting to Ship V3

    We just got the first half of our order for Version 3.2 Black Oxfords. It's only half because there were some production issues, and some shoes had to be scrapped. When a shoe is scrapped, our shoemaker needs to order more uppers from the uppermaker, and the uppermaker needs to order more leather from the tannery. Unfortunate, but not surprising. I'm just so glad and relieved that shoes are finally being made and shipped. 

    My Production Timelines spreadsheet is now void, as my purchase order is coming to me in multiple shipments. Based on experience and the current situation, I can no longer guarantee a ship date with these suppliers until I literally have the shoes in my hands, and have personally ensured that the quality is up to my strict standards. Until that point, there are a lot things that may go wrong. We'll be getting more shoes soon, and I hope to have all outstanding orders fulfilled this Spring. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they were placed.

    Once I've received, inspected, and packed your shoes, I'll reach out one more time to confirm your shipping address, since it's a high-value package. Once they're shipped, you'll get a shipping confirmation with a tracking number =)

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